"Hello, friends. I am Gor Kolomo, proprietor of Uffel."
―Gor Kolomo[src]

Gor Kolomo was a male Twi'lek who traveled to Uffel to investigate it for mineral exploitation. However, he and his companion were killed when their ship crashed. He was survived by his droid QS-2D who eventually claimed its own independence.[2] QS-2D maintained the fiction that Kolomo was alive and the proprietor of the X2-4 droid-manufacturing plant on Uffel. In this capacity, QS sent out holograms of Kolomo to maintain the fiction of his survival.[1] In 31 BBY, Kolomo announced to the Cularin system that droid manufacture was halted by a debris storm. This caused a stir throughout the Cularin system, which had a high demand for Uffel droids.[3] Shortly after this, he recruited some heroes from Cularin for some investigative work. It turned out that a rogue droid LN-73 was trying to take over the manufacturing plant, and the heroes had to foil these plans.[1]

Kolomo's hologram was not prefect quality. In it he moved jerkily and had a facial tic under his left eye.[1]



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