"They were mighty warriors, brutal star barbarians that move from planet to planet, demanding tribute and subduing entire populations in their wake."
―Parella Jiramma Baco, on the Gorach[src]

The Gorach were a sentient species.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Gorach were brutal warriors that were strong and quick. They had wide eyes and four arms on the broad torsos, which were covered with brown-colored hair. Stories of the Gorach claimed that the beings did not age and that they only met their deaths via violent means.


According to a legend, the Gorach rose to power several thousand years before the life of the Hutt Parella, and they traveled between planets, subjugating populations and demanding tribute. Eventually, the Gorach conquered dozens of worlds, including the planet Lowick, but their empire fell apart after the Gorach became engaged in a civil war and their subject species rebelled against Gorach rule.

A Gorach artist later lived alone in the swamps of Lowick for several centuries, and it came to be known by the native Pa'lowick as a "swamp ape." At some point, the Hutt hunter Parella traveled to Lowick on a quest to bring down the Gorach, and he eventually succeeded at killing the artist.