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Gorax were a species of giant creatures native to the mountains on the moon of Endor. Members of the species were rarely seen, but sometimes emerged from their habitat to attack the villages of sentient Ewoks who also lived on Endor. The Ewoks of Bright Tree Village posted watchers in the forest canopy above their homes to look out for marauding Gorax.[1] The Gorax traps the Ewoks set up as a defense would be re-purposed for taking out the All Terrain Scout Transport units deployed during the Battle of Endor.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit


Gorax concept art by Ralph McQuarrie

Gorax were originally created for the Star Wars Legends television film Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure, which was released in 1984 and included a member of the species as a major villain.[3] The species was confirmed to be canon in the reference book Ultimate Star Wars which was released in 2015.[1]

In "Survivors on Endor," a walker assault map included in a DLC of the video game Star Wars Battlefront, the players enter a cavern containing giant spiders and what appears to be the lair of an immense creature, complete with an empty cage hanging from the ceiling.[4] This evokes Caravan of Courage, in which the Gorax maintained a similar lair.[3]


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