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Gordarl Weaponsmiths was a Geonosian weapons manufacturer in operation on Geonosis prior to and during the Clone Wars.

Gordal Weaponsmiths was known for its sonic weaponry, designed specifically for Geonosian physiology. After the Clone Wars, the company attempted to expand outside of Geonosis, but much of their technology could not be adapted to suit non-Geonosians.

As well as various types of sonic weapons, Gordarl Weaponsmiths also created the containment field generator used to hold prisoners in the Stalgasin hive.

The Gordarl Weaponsmiths was one of the most important industrial corporations of Geonosis, supplying the native Geonosians with most of their weapons, from high powered artillery pieces, such as the LR1K sonic cannon to the basic infantry blaster rifles.

The company itself was a subsidiary of Geonosian Industries, the leading manufacturing company of Geonosis. Like most Geonosian companies it was controlled by the Archduke of Geonosis, Poggle the Lesser.


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