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The content of this article was cut.

This article covers a subject that was cut from the final version of a canon source. The subject has appeared in no other source and is therefore considered non-canon.

Gordon was an unsavory starport on the planet Aquilae (or Utapau), located in a wasteland and home to a cantina. A ruined temple was in the vicinity.

Kane Starkiller recruited Han Solo into the resistance against the Galactic Empire at Gordon.

Captain Oxus's crew were taking a shipment of Covina to Gordon when Han Solo hijacked his pirate ship.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gordon appeared in the treatment summary and rough draft for the film that would become A New Hope. It eventually became Mos Eisley in the second draft. The brief mention of Gordon in that draft suggests it is a different, unseen, settlement on Utapau.



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