"More vermin. My garden has grown wild, its beauty sullied by pests and weeds. Only the World Razer can prune away this filth."
―Gore Claw.[src]

Gore Claw was a male Esh-kha patriarch who was imprisoned on the planet Belsavis by the Infinite Empire with the rest of his kind after their defeat by the Rakata in the distant past. While trapped in stasis, he and other Esh-kha were accidentally awakened from the Ancient Prison Caverns when the reconstituted Sith Empire attacked the Galactic Republic prison on Belsavis. Upon being freed, the Esh-kha began attacking both the Sith and Republic forces in an attempt to eliminate them whilst finding a means to escape into the wider galaxy.

After seeing alien vermin, he decided to journey deep within Belsavis in order to free the World Razer. This ancient and powerful entity was intended to be unleashed where Gore Claw expected it to eliminate all his foes. Thus, he also attempted to secure the Burning Way from being opened, as it would prevent the World Razer from operating. However, Gore Claw's plans were foiled when he was killed by a Republic official.