Gorg Pomar was a female Human criminal who worked for the Cerean Force adept Pal-Nada. At some point during galactic history, Pomar became involved in a starship theft ring that Pal-Nada operated and the Cerean's Twi'lek lackey Esm Arkhee lured a group of agents to a hangar while the Quarren thief Shurgg attempted to steal the agents' ship. After Arkhee opened fire on the agents with a blaster, Pomar and three thugs ran into the room and began shooting at the agents with blaster pistols. However, a group of port authority officials arrived and broke up the fight, and Pomar showed the officials set of forged documents that identified him as the hangar's owner. He then accused the agents of breaking and entering, but claimed that he did not want to press charges against them, so the officials allowed the agents to leave.