The Gorms were a reptilian species from the moon Gormdin. Though they survived by hunting, they were known to be a peaceful race. The Galactic Empire legalized hunting Gorms for sport. When the New Republic came to power, Gorm hunting was made illegal.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Gorms were sentient reptilians, standing an average of 1.5 meters tall. They were humanoid bipeds in form, possessing two arms and two legs, with lizard-like heads possessing large eyes and long, sharp teeth. Both sets of limbs ended in claws, and their leathery skin was colored tan to light-brown. They subsisted by hunting.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

The Gorms inhabited the small forested areas of the plateaus of Gormdin, one of eight moons orbiting Sarrelon IV.[1] Their culture was tribal, with independent communities spread around the planet. Their interactions with fellow Gorms and other sentient beings were largely peaceful, and Gorm tribes demonstrated the ability to easily come to agreement with each other with little violence.[1]


The Sarrelon system was located in the Brevost sector of the Expansion Region.[2] Gormdin was settled by Humans prior to 7 ABY[1][3] While the Gorms interacted peacefully with the settlers, not all of the settlers returned the favor; some of the more uncivilized settlements turned to hunting the Gorms for sport, and hats and other garments could be found for sale in shops there.[1]

Also prior to 7 ABY, the mercenary and terrorist Lohn Genden established his base of operations in a network of caves beneath one of Gormdin's plateaus. The Gorms expressed no interest in what occurred there, and instead kept their distance from it.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Gorms have so far only been mentioned in Wanted by Cracken, a supplement for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game published in 1993 by West End Games.


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