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Gormdin was a moon in the Sarrelon system, covered in dense forests, steep plateaus, and rolling plains.


Gormdin was a temperate, terrestrial moon in orbit around the gas giant Sarrelon V in the Sarrelon system,[2] located in the Brevost sector of the Expansion Region of the galaxy[1] and within the region known as the Trailing Sectors.[4] Gormdin was the only habitable world in the Sarrelon system, possessing a breathable atmosphere and standard gravity. Four oceans occupied 60% of the moon's surface and its land masses were covered by plains, plateaus, and forests composed of trees ranging from 1.5 to 2 meters tall. Small forested areas on the plateaus supported the Gorms, a sentient species native to the world.[2] There was no planet-wide system of government on Gorm; the moon's several cities conducted trade, but each maintained its own laws and government.[5]


In the early years of the New Republic, Lohn Genden and his band of terrorists were based in a network of caves beneath one of Gormdin's plateaus.[2]


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