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This article is about the Duros captain of the Tweigar. You may be looking for N'Kata Del Gormo, the Hysalrian Jedi Master.

Gormo was a male Duros stranded in the Iziz cantina for two weeks during the Onderon Civil War without a starport visa. He was the captain of the Tweigar, before it was stolen from him. Gormo was one of several individuals to whom Meetra Surik may have given a visa to during her first stay on Onderon.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gormo offers the Exile 500 credits for an open starport visa. If the Exile gives a starport visa to Gormo, and accepts the 500 credits, there will be no shift in the player's alignment. However if the Exile refuses the 500 credits offer but still gives Gormo the starport visa, the player will receive light side points.

After Vaklu attacks the cantina, the player won't be able to talk to Gormo.



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