Gorrister was a male Imperial commander in the service of the Galactic Empire during the year 1 BBY.


Early lifeEdit

Gorrister served in the Imperial Navy on the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Vector alongside stormtrooper TK329 and Commander Tallos. Gorrister and Tallos' squad paired up on training activities aboard Vector.

The blackwing virusEdit

He and the rest of the crew left Meglumine hauling top-secret freight on the ship. Their destination was Khonji Seven, just outside the Brunet system, but never made it through the Mid Rim. There was a breach in the top-secret freight they were transporting and though it was minor at first, it quickly spread throughout the whole ship. Medical officers had synthesized an anti-virus; they soon injected themselves with it and the remaining crew sealed off the ship, and moved into the Freebird, and sent out a distress signal.

While serving aboard the Star Destroyer Vector, a massive outbreak of the Blackwing plague was accidentally released on the ship. He and other Imperials, among them White, Pauling, and Tanner, decided to take refuge on the Sentinel-class landing craft Freebird. In total, thirty people found shelter in the shuttle. Unfortunately, they were forced to resort to cannibalism to survive. They would eat their own crew mates until there were only six left. They would be stranded for ten weeks. Finally, Jareth Sartoris discovered the ship and the crew.

Jareth Sartoris accidentally stumbled upon their hiding place when he was trying to escape from the army of the undead. Gorrister explained to him what had happened aboard Vector and how they had been surviving. Two crew members then grabbed Sartoris. But soon, the undead would learn how to work a X-wing laser cannon. Sartoris used this opportunity to open up the hatch and throw Gorrister and the two other Imperials holding him. The undead ripped them to pieces. Although he intended to throw out all of the crew, he spared White, Pauling, and Tanner.


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