"I am Warden Gorshaa. We are the last of the true masters, the Rakata. We watch over this place, guarding it from intruding slaves."
―Gorshaa to Kallig.[src]

Gorshaa was a Rakatan Warden who resided on the Infinite Empire's prison world of Belsavis. He lived by the time of the Cold War where he along with like-minded Rakata claimed to be the last of the true masters who watched over the Tomb and guarded it from intruding slaves. Warden Gorshaa and his kin were not concerned with guarding the prisoners or the conflict that emerged their world but rather their experiments involving Force-sensitives. This was in order to restore their own lost Force connection by testing the lesser species and using the powerful Mother Machine to accomplish this goal.

Upon witnessing the arrival of the Sith Lord Kallig, he warned the Sith to return back. After Kallig succeeded in entering into the superhub chamber, Gorshaa revealed his presence and remarked at how he was impressed with the Sith's capabilities. He further commented that this perhaps marked for some hope for the slave races. The Warden offered the Sith a chance to control the spiraling Force energies in Kallig's body in exchange for an imprint of their pattern for their own research.