Gorssk was a Trandoshan male who worked in Rothe Gate, a weapon storage asteroid for the criminal Organization. He was an underachiever, as most Trandoshans in Rothe Gate were believed to be. His living cube was directly across the living cube of either Cyria Dombasle, Marten Haal, Plu Markeela or Gal O'Wei.

Gorssk had joined a faction of the Organization known as The Cell, wanting to oust the Organization leader, Nirama, and restore slavery in the Cularin system. Former security chief Nala Noos, another Trandoshan who was loyal to Nirama, doubted about Gorssk's loyalties.

In 32 BBY, after a double shift, he went to his living cube. Some agents of Nirama who had previously foiled plots of The Cell were near Gorssk's cube. It is unclear whether Gorssk saw, and engaged with, them, or not. Nevertheless, they were there as a part of a greater scheme of The Cell, of which Gorssk had not been informed.