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"One more time Gorug. Once more, and you walk the lock."
―Xhaxin warns Gorug[src]

Gorug was a Gamorrean who served as a soldier on the modified Nebulon-B frigate, the Free Lance, commanded by Urias Xhaxin.

On a number of occasions, he was reprimanded by Xhaxin for accosting prisoners. On one such occasion, he was strangling the captive Missa, a noble of the House Indupar. Gorug wanted her jewels to give to his matron. When warned off, Gorug challenged Xhaxin to combat—an event that had occurred a number of times before. Xhaxin let him run into the bulkhead wall, and once stunned, held a vibroblade to his throat and threatened to throw him out an air lock if he challenged him again.


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