"We specifically asked the Jedi stay out of this, since we were confident we could handle this. It's a Gotal issue, best handled by Gotal."
Shagrad Loset[src]

The Gotal Foreign Affairs Commune was part of the government of Antar 4, the homeworld of the Gotals.[1]

Though the natural empathy and consequent near-anarchy in Gotal society meant that Antar 4 did not have a single head of government or spokesperson,[1] a Gotal named Shagrad Loset did act as the leader of the Gotal Foreign Affairs Commune during the Separatist Crisis of 22 BBY.[2]

During the Gotal hostage standoff on Atzerri, when Separatist-aligned Gotals from the Roshu Sune militant group took several hostages, including Gotal Emissary Nathanjo Nirrelz, the Gotal Foreign Affairs Commune attempted to resolve the crisis on their own. They tried to dissuade the Jedi Order from intervening, and refused to cooperate with the Jedi taskforce led by Sarrissa Jeng.[1] The Jedi did not wait for the Commune's diplomatic efforts, and began negotiations themselves. After the negotiations were cut short by blaster fire, several hostages and all of the hijackers ended up dead. Loset blamed the Jedi and their "lightsaber diplomacy" for the standoff's violent end, expressing the opinion that the Gotals could have handled the standoff better themselves.[2]


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