The Government House, also known as the Dark Palace, was a building built on the summit of the Barons Knoll hill in the city of Barons Hed on Sulon.

It was built by Jerec during the short period when he was governor of Sulon. Government House was built from stone and very tall, which combined with its location on top of the city's central hill gave it a commanding view of the city. After Jerec left, it was left in the hands of Jerec's majordomo.

In 5 ABY, it was infiltrated by Kyle Katarn, who was searching for 8t88 within. Kyle later found 8t88, but was too late as 8t88 had recently been beheaded by the Dark Jedi Gorc and Pic to stop Kyle from learning the location of the Valley of the Jedi.

Kyle Katarn also had his first victory against a Dark Jedi in Government House where he defeated Yun but spared the Dark Jedi's life.



8t88 4

8t88 with his pet in Government House.

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