Sernpidal City's government center was at the very center of the planet Sernpidal's capital and served as the city's headquarters for government, law enforcement, and off world embassies.

Nicknamed "the Spires", the tall, glass-paneled buildings stretched into the sky and could be seen from virtually anywhere in the city. They also stood as a reminder of the administration's goal to make life better for all its citizens, although the bureaucracy was still susceptible to corruption and in-fighting.

At the outbreak of the Jedi Civil War in 3957 BBY the planet apparently surrendered to Darth Revan's new Sith Empire, and was eventually replaced by a complete Sith puppet government before the start of the Great Galactic War in 3681 BBY. Eventually it was completely destroyed, along with much of the planet, by the Yuuzhan Vong in 25 ABY