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Governor-General was a position within the Galactic Republic that was created during the Ruusan Reformation in 1000 BBY, as part of a re-organization of the Republic's military forces. Governor-Generals were appointed at the behest of the Republic's Supreme Chancellor, and their role was to co-ordinate military action with the senator of a distressed sector in times of crisis. In 57 BBY, the Human Ranulph Tarkin was appointed by Supreme Chancellor Thoris Darus as the Governor-General of the Seswenna sector, and Tarkin's cousin Gavedon later assumed the position in 54 BBY after Tarkin became a member of the Galactic Senate.

During the Clone Wars, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine appointed Governor-Generals to each sector within the Republic, to help direct Republic's campaign against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Governor-Generals improved the effectiveness of the contribution of the Planetary Security Forces to the Republic's war effort and during the latter stages of the conflict, the Governor-General system gave rise to class of regional governors.



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