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"Gra'pa! Do you hear?"
"Aye. The Tho Yor calls us."
―Another Talid and Gra'pa[src]

A male Talid, known as Gra'pa to his younger peer, lived on the planet Ando Prime and was a monk of the Order of Dai Bendu. A tan-furred Talid with white hair, Gra'pa had yellow eyes and wore heavy hooded robes with gold ornaments. In the year 36,453 BBY, Gra'pa was one of several Talids who were near the Tho Yor pyramid that was buried in the Andobi Mountains on Ando Prime when they felt the Tho Yor call out to them through the Force. Heeding the Tho Yor's call, Gra'pa and the other Force-sensitive Talids nearby boarded the pyramid ship and were taken to the planet Tython, where pilgrims of many different species had been gathered to study the Force.[1]

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Gra'pa first appeared in a flashback on the first page of the comic book Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm 1, but the issue does not specify Gra'pa's gender. It is unknown if Gra'pa was a term of endearment, or a variation on the familial grandfather.[1]


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