This article is about the character Graak from Ewoks 4: Valley of Evil. You may be looking for the Ewok Graak from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.
«Keep your peace-loving ways to yourself, Chirpa! I was born to conquer!»

Graak was a militaristic and aggressive Ewok from Bright Tree Village, whose ways brought him in opposition with the other Ewoks of his village.


Graak's continual disregard of Ewok law led to Chief Chirpa and the Council of Elders banishing him to the Valley of the Lizard Warriors. There, Graak met Joddar and the Lizard Warriors. He taught them how to fight, and in return they asked Graak to lead them.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Graak and the Lizard Warriors

A fur-chinned Graak.

In Valley of Evil, while Graak's face appears to be completely clean shaven, numerous panels show both his face and chin to be furred.[1]


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