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Graal was a male Human who served as the Assistant Warden of the Republic prison complex on the planet Belsavis during the Galactic War. After the death of Warden Playt, Graal became Warden around 3641 BBY, but he was killed not long afterwards when he led a Republic Military expedition into the Tomb to stop the escape of the Dread Masters.


In 3641 BBY, Graal was with Warden Playt at the time of the Empire's attack on Belsavis, causing a mass prison break. When they summoned a specialized Republic strike team to help them deal with the Condemned, the descendants of Belsavis' criminal and dissident population who were refused parole, the base was attacked by the Condemned. Though they were able to fend off the attack, Playt was among the casualties, elevating Graal to his position by de facto command. Seeking to restore order, Graal dispatched the strike team to protect Kelsa Gerro as they fought to retake the power generator. Just after restoring power, they learned that the Condemned had acquired magnatar rifles, forcing Graal to assign the strike team to recover them and use cryo grenades on any prisoners.

When the strike team returned to the base, Graal showed them a message from the Condemned leader, Nyranos, making a speech to his followers. Afterwards, he sent them to the Condemned's hideout at the edge of Minimum Security Section to find out their plans. Later on, the strike team relays that the Condemned planned on using a neural disruptor against the base to immobilize everyone inside. Though Kelsa was able to remodulate the shields to counteract this effect, it didn't stopped the Condemned from storming the base a second time. Many of Graal's people, including Kelsa, went down fighting, leaving him as the sole survivor by the time the strike team returned. Driven by grief over Kelsa's death, Graal demanded Nyranos' death. Eventually, when the strike team confronts the Kaleesh, the latter attempts to negotiate, only for his men and his Imperial allies to turn on him. When the dust settled, Nyranos ordered his remaining followers to stand down, just before Graal came running into the control room, still driven by revenge. However, the strike team managed to reason with Graal to let go of his revenge and he agreed to grant the Condemned a piece of land on Belsavis where they could live in peace on the condition that they help restore order.

With the Condemned situation resolved, Graal sends the strike team to the High Security Section to assist Colonel Hauler with the rioters. During the chaos, prisoners fleeing High Security made it to Minimum Security and informed Graal of Hauler and Senator Tudos' Project Noble Focus, in which alien prisoners are pitted against each other in endless war games to research their strengths and limitations. After the strike team deals with the Rattataki leader, Sulkhaz, Graal confronts the Colonel and Senator via holo, accusing them to having escalated the situation with their project and violate numerous ethics laws. Tudos attempted to defend his actions and insisted that they hide the truth from the public, insisting that many Republic worlds would be up in arms if the truth came out. However, the strike team would have none of it and Graal supported their decision to go public with the truth about Project Noble Focus. He then sent the strike team to assist General Skylast in Maximum Security Section.

Once the strike team dealt with the Esh-kha leader Gore Claw and sealed the World Razer, Graal made his way to Maximum Security to personally thank the Republic's heroes.

Despite relief from the Republic, Graal's troubles were far from over. The Imperials brought in their own specialized strike team to exacerbate the violence, with the main goal of freeing the Dread Masters. As a distraction, they captured and executed Ellis Ruger before Graal's own eyes via holo.

Eventually, Graal took a team to pursue the Imperials into the Tomb, where the Esh-kha had taken the Dread Masters, but was too late. The Imperials had already freed the Dread Masters, who were quick to take their revenge on Graal. Induced into a state of fear, Graal started indiscriminately fired on his own squad before they were all executed.