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Graballa's Beachside Resort and Cafe was the Hutt crime lord's proposed business venture. In the period between the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor, Graballa attempted to find investors for his proposed beachside resort and cafe. Graballa kept the plans for his cafe in a datapad that was carried by his Toydarian valet Yeppau. However, he failed to win the support of his cousin Jabba on at least two occasions.[1][2] During the Galactic Empire's auction on Mygeeto, Graballa tried to solicit investors from the wealthy nobles. Graballa claimed that the cafe's masseur was the late Jedi Knight Pong Krell. When that failed, he kidnapped Kordi Freemaker, who was impersonating the Clawdite princess Alo Kortessi.[3]


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