"I was talking with Forna when Forna and Oth and Grand were in Niima the other day, and they say that the X'us'R'iia all those months back uncovered an Uulshos XP, one of the yachts, you know?"
―Devi pass on to Rey what she learned from Forna, Grand and Devi[src]

Grand was a scavenger who lived on the desert planet Jakku around thirty years after the Battle of Endor. When a X'us'R'iia desert storm uncovered a wrecked Uulshos XP yacht buried beneath the sand of Jakku, Grand stripped the vessel clean alongside fellow scavengers Forna and Oth; however, the trio were unable to take some components from the vessel's main engine compartment, as they were to difficult to separate or transport. A month after scavenging the vessel, Oth, Forna and Grand were in the trading site Niima Outpost, where Grand ran into the scavenger Devi and let her know about the yacht. Devi then brought the news back to the scavenger Rey, who traveled to scavenger parts from the engine compartment.[1]

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Grand was first mentioned in the collection of short stories Before the Awakening which was written by Greg Rucka and released in 2015.


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