"I only ask for now that my last days with you be ones of peace. Please, my brothers and sisters, drop your weapons and join with me in ritual."
―Dariana, to the other Tarasin leaders[src]

The Grand Conclave was a ritual that was held by the Tarasin species on the planet of Cularin during the Clone Wars. At some point during the Clone Wars, Mother Dariana—the spiritual figurehead of the Hiironi irstat and the unofficial leader of the Tarasin people—invoked a Great Ritual to protect the interests of the Tarasin. However, in spite of the ritual, Cularin suffered as a result of the Clone Wars and over two hundred square kilometers of jungle surrounding the cities Gadrin and Hedrett was destroyed as a result of an industrial accident, while Cularin was placed under martial law by the Galactic Republic. Tensions ran high among the Tarasin, some of whom blamed Dariana for Cularin's stryfe, which pushed the species to the brink of war. To resolve the crisis, Dariana announced that she would step down as leader of the Tarasin, and as her final act she called the Tarasin together to hold a "Grand Conclave," to celebrate peace.