Grand Dukha

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Grand Dukha
Grand Dukha
General information


Nystao, Honoghr

Chronological and political information

Noghri government

The Grand Dukha was the largest dukha of the Noghri and the meeting place of the Dynasts. Located in Nystao, the Grand Dukha looked the same in shape as the standard dukha of each clan. The differences lay in both its far grander scale and the materials with which it was built. The Grand Dukha had a silver-blue metal roof and black metal or stone support pillars. It also had red-and-black marble steps leading up to a gray flagston enterance terrace. No carvings adorned the Grand Dukha as they did the clan dukhas, leading Leia Organa Solo to believe that it may have been constructed by the Galactic Empire, and not the Noghri people themselves.

Leia was taken to the Grand Dukha in 9 ABY when she spoke to the thirteen male dynasts in an attempt to convince them to free themselves of the Empire, and to free Khabarakh from captivity and public shaming ordered by Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Behind the scenesEdit

Some fans speculate that the Grand Dukha may have been built on the remains of the Rakatan temple on Honoghr when Darth Vader relocated all of the Noghri people to the Clean Lands, but no canonical information on the subject has yet appeared.



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