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Grand Lord was the title of the ruler of the Circle of Lords, the ruling council of the Lost Tribe of Sith in the capital city of Tahv on the planet Kesh. It could be considered roughly equivalent to the Jedi ranks of Grand Master and Master of the Order. Ranking below the Grand Lord were the seven High Lords and the thirteen Lords. Grand Lords would hold audience with their High Lords in their throne room. The first Grand Lord was Yaru Korsin, who was appointed to the position in 5000 BBY by the Keshiri Izri Dazh. As of 44 ABY the Grand Lord was Darish Vol.

Known Grand LordsEdit


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Grand Lords of the Lost Tribe of Sith
Yaru Korsin · Nida Korsin · Lillia Venn
Candra Kitai · Dann Itra · Varner Hilts · Darish Vol
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