Solo: "Since I already flew the course once, what exactly do you want me to do here as Grand Marshal?"
Official: "Well, whenever you're ready, we need you to push this button."
Solo: "That's it?"
Official: "It's a very important task. It's how we start the race."
Solo: "Well then, I'll be sure to do my best."
Official: "No need to worry, sir. So far, in the ninety-three-year history of the Derby, only two Grand Marshals have failed to do it correctly."
―Han Solo and a race official[src]

The Grand Marshal of the Blockade Runners Derby was responsible for piloting the pace craft through the Ord Mantell Blockade Runners Derby course before the race and for officially starting the race. The honorary position was given to an individual who had demonstrated great piloting skill and bravery. For the 24 ABY derby, Han Solo was the Grand Marshal.