The Grand Reception Hall, or Grand Hall, was an enormous building on Coruscant. It was located in an ancient part of the the city world near the Petrax Historic Quarter where the planetwide city had not been built over the top of older buildings. As of the fall of Coruscant, it was the oldest continuously-operating government building on Coruscant.

The Reception Hall was more than a thousand meters long with 14 tiers of seats and could seat about 500,000 sentient beings. This hall was also open-air and featured landing pads for shuttles and transports, which had to drop into an 'opening' between neighboring skyscrapers.


When the embassy of the Hapes Consortium visited Coruscant in 8 ABY, the welcoming ceremony took place at the Grand Reception Hall.

In 16 ABY, Admiral Hiram Drayson eavesdropped on Nil Spaar and Leia Organa Solo with an audio telescope hidden within scrollwork on the ceiling of the Grand Hall.



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