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The Grand Vizier of the Galactic Empire was the absolute deputy of Emperor Palpatine himself. By the time of five years after the proclamation of the New Order, that office was held by the Chagrian Mas Amedda, who had been Palpatine's Vice Chair when he was still Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. When Governor Arihnda Pryce visited Coruscant to report on her successful actions on Lothal, she was received by Grand Vizier Amedda, who represented the Emperor.

Role and powersEdit

"Must I attend to every trivial matter, Vizier?"
"I apologize, my lord. But I believe you will want to attend to this one."
―Emperor Palpatine and Grand Vizier Amedda[src]
Amedda Pasqual

The Grand Vizier was the primary intermediary for the Emperor.

The position of Grand Vizier of the First Galactic Empire was one of high prestige. The Vizier was one of the most-feared servants of the Emperor, acting as an intermediary for the sovereign. He had the authority to summon important military leaders[2] and to greet visiting governors in the Emperor's behalf.[3] He was also at the head of the Imperial Ruling Council, a body of bureaucrats who advised the Emperor and managed the daily affairs of the Empire in his place. The Vizier tended to his duties from the Imperial Palace of Coruscant, the capital world of the Empire.[2]


"Normally ISB would have pursued an investigation on its own, but on Vizier Amedda's recommendation we are opening it up to discussion, in the hope of resolving how best to proceed."
―Harus Ison[src]

Lord Amedda had been a faithful servant of Palpatine since the last days of the Galactic Republic.

The office of Grand Vizier of the Galactic Empire evolved from that of Vice Chair of the Galactic Republic's Senate.[1] At the end of the three-year conflict known as the Clone Wars, the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic Sheev Palpatine transformed the democratic government into an authoritarian regime, anointing himself Emperor.[4] The Chagrian Mas Amedda, who had occupied the position of Vice Chair under Palpatine and his predecessor, Chancellor Finis Valorum, remained at the Emperor's side, now holding the title of Grand Vizier.[1]

Some fourteen years into the Age of the Empire, Grand Vizier Amedda greeted Arihnda Pryce, governor of Lothal, who had come to Coruscant to discuss her homeworld's industrial and mining sectors.[3]

In the wake of Palpatine's death at the Battle of Endor, the planet Coruscant was plunged into chaos. Although the Grand Vizier did his best to keep the Empire together, other forces were trying to tear it apart.[5]



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