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Granicus was the name of an Imperial throneworld, in the Granicus system, a gas giant with gray cirrus methane clouds. The galactic capital was a floating city.

Prior to 20 BBY, C-3PO served as one of 1,200 interpreter droids at the sub-embassies in the Granicus system, assigned to a "third liaison officer" He served as an interpreter for 37 years before he was eventually redesignated a protocol droid and sent to the Outlands to help welcome new systems into the Old Republic.

Behind the scenesEdit

Granicus originally appeared only in the first draft of Star Wars, replacing Alderaan as the name for the Imperial capital. This planet's concept eventually found its way into the films as Bespin and Cloud City in Episode V.

George Lucas revived the name when writing the Expanded Universe backstory for C-3PO in 1977, but the name never made its way into any licensed projects, making it as yet non-canonical.

This planet is not mentioned in The Essential Atlas.


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