This article is about the Vorzydiak. You may be looking for the dark trooper Grath.

Grath was the son of the Chairman of Vorzyd IV, Port, and Bryn. He also was the leader of the Freelies.


He helped sabotage the factories of Vorzyd IV, to make the people realize that the job was not the main thing in the perfect society the Vorzydiaks tried to built. The problem was that a small sector of the Freelies wanted more action than words. Then, Grath met Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had infiltrated into the youth gang. Although he knew that Kenobi was a Jedi, he thought that he could help them. Later, Flip, who opposed Grath, killed several workers with bombs. Finally, Grath stopped the sabotage to talk with the workers. However, Flip, who felt scorned in the chance to keep the attention of his leader, blew up a building, killing many people. Grath's father, Port, was injured, causing Grath to regret his actions.



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