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Grav-Ball (Zoneball)


Grav-ball, also known as Zoneball, was a popular sport. It originated on Nubia and was played in small indoor courts. Teams of six equipped with remotely powered hover boots bounced around in a three-dimensional court in an attempt to score goals. Players pushed off walls and floors—and sometimes each other—for movement. The ball was held at the end of a repulsor baton and could be passed from player to player.

Games were held on informal levels in health clubs and on a planetwide level with professional leagues. There were one hundred and twenty-eight teams that competed for a bid to the Annual SecBowl, the sector championship. The chairman of the biggest Grav-ball federation was a Toydarian named Zen Lotto. He judged some of the largest matches personally on the energy fields of some of the most famous Nubian Grav-ball arenas.

Deme Tryshyn was the highest scorer in the history of the game, and was given a three-year partnership by Ardees Beverage Company worth 3.1 billion credits prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars. Staive Pedsten was another famous player.

The Imperial Academy had an Inter-Academy League.



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