Beld Yulan's flagship Gravedigger

The Gravedigger was an Odionate starship captained by Beld Yulan, the Sith Lord Odion's second-in-command in 1032 BBY. It was a rectangular grey vessel with at least two rear engines. Yulan used the Gravedigger to travel across the Grumani sector and to transport Novitiates, Sith adepts in the service of Lord Odion. Following the conquest of Sarrassia, the Gravedigger made a refueling stop at Vanahame. During that brief stop, the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt, who was posing as a Sith adept named Mercy, discovered that Odion had imprisoned all of the children in his realm in orphanages called Odionate cloisters where they lived in complete isolation. After refueling, Yulan and the Novitiates traveled to the barren planet Skarpos, which the Odionate had recently acquired from the Sith Lord Malakite, the ruler of the Menagerie.

Following the exposure of Kerra's cover and Lord Odion's acquisition of the ancient Sith artifact known as the Helm of Ieldis, Yulan, Odion, and the surviving Novitiates traveled to Vanahame. On the way, Yulan took the opportunity to talk with Kerra. He learnt that Kerra's parents had sacrificed their lives to prevent Lord Odion from recovering the Helm. Upon disembarking from the Gravedigger, Kerra and Yulan discovered that Odion planned to use the Helm to harness the misery of the children in order to unleash a destructive holocaust on the galaxy. After Kerra convinced Yulan that life had a meaning, the two joined forces to successfully foil Odion's plot and to free the children. The events at Vanahame led to the destruction of the Odionate.