Gravitic polarization beam

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Gravitic Polarization Beam

Dllr Nep and Mirax Terrik view the Gravitic polarization beam schematics.

The Gravitic polarization beam was a molecular weapon created by the Phantom Project.


The beam weapon disrupted matter on an atomic level, causing it to rip apart.


During the Clone Wars, the Skakoan scientist Kul Teska developed such a weapon for Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It was eventually destroyed by the Galactic Republic at Behpour, where it had been installed to destroy the sun of Naboo.

It was also developed by Professor Rorax Falken and his students of Mrlsst Academy to serve as a method of relocating land, it was coveted for its military applications. During the era of the New Republic the Galactic Empire attempted to make use of this weapon through Imperial Navy Captain Loka Hask. While trying to capture the technology, his Interdictor-class Star Destroyer was vaporized along with all information on the weapon when it created a hyperspace wormhole.



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