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". . . a Plex-fired GAM is the best seek-and-destroy weapon I've seen for use against repulsorcraft. It's fast, and almost impossible to shake once it locks onto a target. I admit the GAM's visual tracking system can be confused by other images in the sky. Good evasive maneuvers can lose the missile, too. But once it's caught a repulsor signature, that craft is gone."
―Imperial Trooper Reynol Kosk[src]

The Gravity-Activated Mode guided missile ("GAM") was a guided missile developed by Merr-Sonn Munitions for use with their PLX-2M portable missile launcher. It possessed two tracking modes, selected at the push of a firing stud on the missile launcher: EPR mode, which locked onto high-level infrared sources such as vehicular or missile exhausts, and the namesake GAM mode, which first tracks a target's silhouette until close enough to home in on the gravity-wave anomalies resulting from an active repulsorlift. The silhouette-tracking system could be evaded by careful maneuvering or confused by other objects above the horizon, but it was extremely unlikely to lose its target once close enough to acquire a repulsor signature. The missile was capable of pursuing its target for forty kilometers before expending its fuel.[1]

In addition to the PLX-2, GAM missiles could also be used by the PLX-4 missile launcher[2] and the LX-80 anti-infantry missile emplacement.[3] They cost 600 credits.[3]


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