Gravlex Launchworks, a corporation that had been established on Gravlex Med, developed huge cannons designed to hurl starships into space. Once sublight and hyperdrive systems were created, the Launchworks were used to hurl garbage from the planet into its star.

Imperial researchers came to Gravlex Med to learn the secrets of Gravlex Launchworks in an attempt to integrate their technology into the design of a new superweapon. The Empire soon discovered that the Launchworks was useful for discarding failed experiments, as all evidence would be incinerated by the sun. Thus, an endless supply of garbage, hazardous waste, and other detritus was shipped to Gravlex Launchworks by the Empire for incineration. Bio-engineered viruses and bacteria eventually leaked out of the warehouses storing the garbage for processing, which caused massive amounts of environmental damage to Gravlex Med and nearly wiped out the native Anx.