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"I am Gray Star, leader of the "terror cell" and friend to the Eagle. Trapped by my own arrogance."
―Gray Star[src]

Gray Star was a male Gran that was one of the first leaders of the Balmorran resistance in their fight against the Sith Empire. Gray Star eluded all Sith assassins until he was defeated by Cipher Nine of the Imperial Intelligence.


The Gran who would become Gray Star was found by the Eagle some time after the Galactic Republic left Balmorra per the Treaty of Coruscant's terms. By 3643 BBY, Gray Star was undercover in a Republic base, leaving trusted allies such as Zenith in charge of the Resistance. He was eventually confronted by Cipher Nine and killed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gray Star's fate is decided by the player's choices: the Dark Side choice is kill Gray Star on the spot, the neutral option is for Gray Star to be captured and impersonated by Sanju Pyne (only possible if Sanju survived the previous mission), the Light side choice is to convince Gray Star to surrender in exchange for amnesty for his fighters.


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