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The content of this article was cut.

This article covers a subject that was cut from the final version of a canon source. The subject has appeared in no other source and is therefore considered non-canon.


The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on official non-canon information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

The Gray Tusken was a member of the Tuskens, a para-military force in the Galactic Empire. He was one of a platoon sent down to the surface of Utapau by one of the Imperial officers aboard the captured rebel ship in orbit, in an effort to find out what Deak Starkiller was doing in the system.

This Tusken was a big, muscular man, with sunken, red eyes. His face was dusty.

When the "Gray Tusken" arrived at Anchorhead, he found a Mechanic who had already given Artoo and Threepio directions to the Lars homestead. The Tusken eventually followed Luke Starkiller and the droids into Mos Eisley.

Behind the scenesEdit

The "Tuskens" became a native population on Utapau (later Tatooine) in the later third draft, and were no longer Imperial agents. That role was taken up later by the Desert Sands stormtroopers and by Garindan in the fourth draft (shooting script).


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