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The Great Hall of the Naboo capital Theed was an annex of the city's main hangar complex.


During the reign of the Naboo King Bon Tapalo, the Naboo were approached by Damask Holdings, an entity within the InterGalactic Banking Clan, with an offer of mining and exporting the plasma that was found in abundance in the planet's core. Despite trepidation at the idea of using primarily offworld businesses to jump-start the plasma industry, Tapalo agreed to the terms of Magister Hego Damask as the Muun was planning to back the king's bid for reelection.[1]

When construction commenced existing parklands just east of the Royal Palace were removed and the and adjacent the Solleu River was rerouted to make room for the triple-domes of the new Plasma Refinery Complex and the hangar facility. Constructed by Outer Rim Construction and Assembly,[1] the Great Hall served as a location for formal events at the hangar. The high ceiling and tall windows made for an ideal point from which the sitting monarch could watch ceremonial parades.[3]

When the Trade Federation invaded the planet, Viceroy Nute Gunray ordered for an Armored Assault Tank to be stationed outside the Great Hall and the hangar, where it fired upon N-1 starfighters leaving the hangar during the space battle.[4] Over a decade later, after the Galactic Empire rose from the ashes of the Clone Wars, the Great Hall was destroyed during a plot by anti-Imperial agents Roan Lands and Ferus Olin. Taking advantage of the munitions stored in the hangar by the Empire, Olin and Lands detonated the explosives which took with them half the hangar and the Great Hall.[2]



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