Great Houses of Serenno

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The Great Houses of Serenno were composed of the wealthiest and most powerful families on the planet of Serenno and, it was rumored, the galaxy. Among these families were the Demici and Nalju families.


Loranda and her son, Hetton, were related to the Demici family.

During the Ruusan Reformation debate, the Counts of Serenno attempted to remain neutral until Supreme Chancellor Tarsus Valorum was nearly assassinated on their homeworld.

After the Clone Wars, Darth Vader was sent to Serenno by Palpatine to enact the retaliation of the Galactic Empire on the six ruling Houses, which had sided with the separatists during the war. During what was called the Cleansing of Serenno, a choice was offered to the five Counts, with the exception of Adan Dooku who was in exile during the Clone Wars : be killed by their oldest sons or be all killed by the Sith Lord and his troopers.

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