The subject of this article appeared only in a Star Wars Tales 120 story that was referenced in no other Star Wars Legends source.

Lucasfilm considered all Tales 120 content that was not "completely outrageous or intentionally comic" to have some level of canonicity within the Star Wars Legends continuity. Editor discretion is advised.


The "Great Interplanetary Ark".

A small planet, with a desire to expand into space constucted the "Great Interplanetary Ark" which contained about 1000 explorers. However they had hit problems and had to turn back - only to get lost in the planet's fog before crashing. However, the ghosts of the crew haunted the villages on the planet, until Han Solo and Chewbacca landed on the planet and made two lines of crystals. They acted as a runway, and the ark's ghost landed, and the crew's souls were finally put at rest.


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