"We've been dreaming lately. Great spitcrete vessels weep dew above the Castle Lands; their engines scorch the air. Dartship swarms shade the sky, humming a song of farewell. We remember the Great Migration, when the lost nests departed Alderaan."
―Vector Hyllus[src]

The Great Migration was a period that impacted the Killiks of Alderaan during distant times. This event was marked as a deeply buried primal memory of the hive mind. Millennia ago, the Killiks embarked on a great exodus from their homeworld and migrated into space for parts unknown. Only a handful of nests were left behind that hibernated beneath the Castle Lands who were completely unaware of the fate of their lost kin.

While moving through space, the Colony were unable to find a single world to support their number. Thus, they splintered into a thousand nests that separated and went their own directions in order to prosper. During the Cold War, the Joiner Dawn Herald Vector Hyllus felt the primal memory of the Great Migration where he perceived great spitcrete vessels along with swarms of Dartships singing the song of farewell. He would later ask Cipher Nine permission to embark on a pilgrimage to find the lost kin from the Great Migration.