The Great Revolt was an event on the planet Velmor which resulted in the overthrow of the House of Lorac for a time.

In 17 BBY, the Imperial Diplomatic Corps executed a coup d'état on the planet Velmor. The move was in response to the discovery that King Lorac, ruler of the world, as a sympathizer of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The Imperials worked in tandem with Lord Regent Zelor and paid a crowd to attack the king, his Queen, Denira, and the rest of the royal family, save Prince Anod, who was an Imperial sympathizer. Nevertheless, Crown Prince Denid and his wife escaped to the planet Tantajoc V with the help of their Velmor servant, Jedidiah. Due to Velmorian law, twenty years had to pass before Denid could be declared dead and Anod crowned king. The moment arrived in 3 ABY. However a pair of offworlders, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, visited the planet with the lost Crown Prince and ensured he was restored to the throne.