The Great Rim Route was a hyperlane within the Hapan Rim Worlds[1], the Corsair Outback[1], and the Rifle Worlds[1] of the Hapes Cluster[1]. It started at the Rynmar system then went through the Zalori system[1], the Terephon system[1], the Reboam system[1], the Dreena system[1], the Calfa system[1], and the K'Farri system[1]. From the K'Farri system it continued through the Nantuker system[1], the Stalsinek system[1], the Jodaka system[1], and the Divora system[1]. The hyperspace lane finally ended after going through the Wodan system[1], a junction off to the Algnadesh system[1] and one last jump to the Relephon system.


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