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The Great Seal was a large golden disk created by the Aleena in the distant past as symbol of the separation of the Aleena and Kindalo races. Installed in the ground at a prominent site on Aleen, it separated the surface world and the Underworld. The efficacy of this device was questioned by scholars, as there nature of the Underworld meant that there were many openings across the planet. Some scholars believed that the Great Seal was imbued with the Force, which prevented the mixing of the two ecospheres through metaphysical means. The Jedi Order established a chapter house at the site of Great Seal; the chapter house was abandoned long before the Clone Wars. During the war, the Seal was disturbed and the war between the Aleena and the Kindalo began again, causing the Galactic Republic to intervene and reinstall the Seal.


A large golden disk, the Great Seal was inlaid with intricate carvings. It featured three Aleena standing amid vines, one of them wearing a crown. Underneath a ribbon-like line that bisects the disk, there are roots, beetles, and what appears to be stairs descending into the underworld.[2]



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