"When we first came within scanning distance of this water world, our ship's instruments picked up what I thought was a large land mass—evidently, it was… t-this!'"
―Luke Skywalker, upon seeing the Great Ship[src]

The Great Ship was a city-ship, a nautical vessel the size of a city. It was the only artificial structure on Drexel, apart from the homes of the Dragon Lords.


It was constructed by outlaws on the run from the Galactic Republic, who had crashed their ship on the water-planet. Their space cruiser became the basis for the sea-going vessel, and as more wood-like material was harvested from the ocean-floor, the ship grew to enormous proportions. Several decades after first arriving on Drexel II, the colonists had made their own society aboard the vessel. They would use their Sonic jammer to disrupt any spacecraft that entered the system, causing them to crash and plundering the wreckage.

The city-ship was damaged during the Battle of Drexel, which saw the Dragon Lords victorious against the city-ship-dwellers.

The city-ship was about the same size as Crimson Jack's battlecruiser.