The Great Swarm was the leading military unit of the Killik Colony. Unlike the military structure of other nations, the Great Swarm could act as either army or navy depending on the situation. During the Battle of Qoribu in 35 ABY, the Great Swarm acted as a fleet of dartships, consisted of a hundred and fifty thousand units. Augmented by a small fleet of the Hapan Royal Navy's ships and those of the Bornaryn Trading Company, the Great Swarm swallowed other friendly units to act as a living shield, and stormed enemy starfighter squadrons or capital ships with absolute number advantage. Even under heavy enemy fire, the Great Swarm seldom broke formation or regroup, trusting their numbers would do them best with all due speed rather than using tactics.

In the Battle of Tenupe, the Swarm lost millions of units, disbanding shortly after with the loss of Raynar Thul as their leader.