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"When [Padmé Amidala] talked about the past it seemed real, you know? The suffering before the Great Time of Peace wasn't ancient history, but just yesterday, and the people who lived through it mattered."
Ian Lago[src]

The Great Time of Peace on Naboo began with the rise of King Jafan, who united the planet around 832 BBY. Before this, Naboo had known a long period of conflict, known as the Time of Suffering, that started circa 1000 BBY and engulfed all the Naboo city-states. Each Naboo monarch has worn the scar of remembrance ever since as a reminder of this dark time. As a result of the unification, Theed, originally a farming community, became the Royal capital, eclipsing the city of Dee'ja Peak. The Great Time of Peace did not end until the Trade Federation blockaded the planet in 32 BBY during the reign of Queen Amidala.