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The Great Walkway on Kashyyyk connected the Czerka Landing Port to the Wookiee village of Rwookrrorro. When the redeemed Jedi Revan used the walkway to reach the village, they saw a Czerka officer, Dehno, kill a rebellious Wookiee slave, Revan told Dehno that he wouldn't let him enslave or harm another Wookiee again, and persuaded Dehno and his men to abandon Kashyyyk. Later on the walkway, Revan was attacked by kinraths, and even a team of Dark Jedi. When Revan reached the village with Zaalbar, who was banned from the planet, Revan and Zaalbar were brought before Chuundar. Revan returned to the Great Walkway to take a primitive elevator down to the Shadowlands.


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