"All power comes from the Great Wind."

The Great Wind was the chief deity of the S'kytri, the native species of Skye. According to the S'kytri's beliefs, their planet was originally ruled by chaotic monstruosities, with the exception of the heavens above. Consequently, the Great Wind mated with Canaitith Mountain, the tallest peak on Skye, siring the S'kytri in order to defeat the fiendish creatures that ruled over the world below.[1]

The Sk'ytri believed that all forms of power came from the Great Wind. For that reason, the mystic energy that the Jedi called the Force was known to them as "the power of the Great Wind." At the time of the Clone Wars, the S'kytri parents who produced abherrant hatchling would sometimes offer them in sacrifice to the Great Wind at Mount Krisklar.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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